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How To Move Twitter Conversations Into Sales

Twitter offers an amazing opportunity to meet new people, engage, and create new connections that can benefit your business. However, Twitter can be a time drain without much return when you are not using the platform correctly. It can be easy to spend time consuming on there. Or just hard selling without any engagement. You have to strike the right balance and you need to become skilled at turning your conversations into sales without hard selling your followers. Build your reputation as someone who is both an expert at what you do (or you wouldn’t be doing it right?!) and a listener. When you blend the two, you can start to have very real interactions with your followers. Those small 140 character interactions can bring you new clients on a consistent basis. We will discuss tips on how to turn your conversations into dollars.

1) Trends

Before starting a conversation, it is important to know which conversation to get involved in. You can make personal updates, but that’s not the primary function of Twitter. You can get personal updates on Facebook. Use this space to curate your own “magazine” of things that are both timely and relevant. What trends are relevant to you? Perhaps a certain event is relevant to your industry. Add to the conversation. Watch trends to engage in relevant discussions that will boost your marketing value. The use of hashtags gives you direct access to a community of users talking about the same thing as you. Use them wisely.

2) Links

Share links that provide information to your followers, that engage them and that sell them. Actions are sparked in a matter of seconds if you can bait the link a bit. It shouldn’t be repetitive advertising, but strategically shared once you've led the customer in the direction you want. For example, you offer to provide help to someone. You can then send them a specific link to a blog post that addresses their question. They click on the link and then see that you offer value to them and sign up for your email newsletter. You are moving them through the sales process, really expanding your warm market. This is done over time and must be nurtured. So share cool links and let that be part of your strategy.

3) Partnerships

Not everything on social media is or has to be spontaneous. Have some pre-mediated fun through partnerships for mutual marketing. Associate with brands that share your values and cross-pollinate sales. Banter back and forth on each other’s products and strategies to give customers a package deal. Be publicly an expert at what you do so when one of your followers “friends” has a question about your specific topic of expertise, they think of you first. Then you can become partners in a working relationship that can lead to closing sales.

By using these little known tactics, you can begin having success on Twitter. Think of this space as a place where you get to show your offering, show what you’re good at and talk to anyone else, share with others, promote things that your company likes and be authentic. That will lead to relationships that make the leap from Twitter to email to happy hour to paycheck.

Please contact us to learn more about using Twitter to start conversations and produce ROI for your organization.

By Lauralie Ezra

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