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Emphasize Quality, Packaging and Customer Service

Social media marketing might seem like it’s merely about updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, there are a number of different approaches you can take when commenting/tweeting, depending on what you want to emphasize about your product, service or company. It’s important to keep your social media accounts current while also maintaining the right tone and content. Here are a few different ways in which you can use social media marketing Las Vegas to accentuate different things about your product or company.

Underscore your great customer service. While other companies are emphasizing how great their product is or how long their company has been producing it, you can use social media to call attention to your great customer service. Most people feel dissatisfied with the level of customer service that they get from firms. When you call with a complaint or a request for information, you have to wait for a long time, listening to an automated message or elevator music. So if you run the kind of company where people don’t have to wait for that and can get a person on the phone right away, you need to let people know this via social media. You can also be more responsive on social media itself, which will show customers that you value their time and are willing to listen to what they have to say.

Marketing the product and the wrapping. These days, everyone knows the importance of wrapping. Every time you go to a high end, or even moderately expensive, store, you get a beautiful paper bag when you buy a product. Plus, the product is also wrapped in tissue paper first, before it’s placed in the bag. Additionally, if you’re buying something like perfume or face cream, the shape, size and color of the container are also designed to draw you in. If your product comes with beautiful packaging, you can draw attention to this through social media via images, comments etc. You can also design your social media page to match with your product wrapping.

Emphasizing quality. Rather than taking a very promotional tone in your social media, you can choose to emphasize quality.


So your comments wouldn’t be centered around which celebrity was spotted using your product. Instead, they would give your customers the information necessary to convince them that they would be making the best choice if they bought this product. For example, when it comes to face cream, you might want to explain what ingredients have gone into your product. Do you use jojoba oil? Argan oil? Or something new and, as yet, undiscovered? Tell your customers about where these oils come from and what they have traditionally been used for. You’ll create a different type of buzz which emphasizes the exotic origins of your product.

Contact us for more ways to use social media to accentuate different things about your product or company.

By Lauralie Ezra

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