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September's Content Crush


What is a Content Crush? When you see a piece of quality content regardless of the medium, the industry sector, or the marketing channel, post it and include #ContentCrush to let the creator know that you have a crush on their content. Read more on our blog:

Being based in Las Vegas, I fly around on Southwest Airlines quite a bit. Recently I was flying to Scottsdale and noticed Southwest's in flight magazine looked different. I opened it open, and began to read an article entitles "Straight from the Heart", about the company's rebranding efforts.


I appreciate the honest, transparent way they communicated why and how Southwest changed their corporate image. I will continue to be a loyal customer and rack up with Rapid Reward Miles.

Here at Crowd Siren, we love snacks in the office. A couple months ago we started a subscription to snacking startup Graze. Every other week we receive a Nibble Box delivery to our PO box. We get excited as we open to see what new snack we get to munch on that day. Each box has nutrition tips, and fun graphic icons like "Stash", "Rainbows", and" Bounce" which explain the tips in greater details.


We enjoy the personalized touch and incentive to get our friends to subscribe to their snack box. Well done Graze!

I do not consider myself a wine drinker. Yes I drink on special occasions and on Sundays when Game of Thrones is on and we host wine goblet watch parties, but I am far from a wine snob.

While flipping through the latest Men's Health Magazine, I came across a advertisement for Markham Vineyards.


The full page ad entitled "The Anatomy of a Superb Merlot" really caught my attention because it broke down the elements on the wine bottle. When I am at the store I have no idea which one to pick, and now Markham's content has educated me on varietals, vineyard locations, and wine ratings.

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