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3 Top Social Media Tools To Use Right Now

As an online marketer, you recognize the value of social media, and you likely put quite a bit of time, money, and resources into social media marketing campaigns. However, some people find that the time they put in doesn't justify the results. In order to improve your campaigns' effectiveness and to save time, it would be worth your while to utilize some social media tools. Here are some of the top social media tools to use right now.


Buffer is a tool that allows you to easily schedule your social media postings. Instead of having to manually post your articles and other stuff at the times that you want, you can simply add future posts to a queue, and schedule when each post will appear on your timeline. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest are all supported.


If you like Buffer, you'll probably love IFTTT. IFTTT stands for "If This, Than That," Meaning you can schedule for thing #2 to happen automatically if thing #1 takes place. You can make your own "recipes" according to your tastes. An example of a recipe would be, "If I post something to Instagram, immediately and automatically repost it to Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest.

Pinterest Pin-It Button

This is a small add-on to your browser that allows you to easily post your pictures on Pinterest. Once installed, you can simply click on it whenever you visit a webpage, and all images on that page will be brought up and be available for you to pin them to the board of your choice on Pinterest.

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