Marketing to Millennials: What You Are Doing Wrong on Facebook and How You Can Fix It

June 18, 2016


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation notes that Millennials have an estimated direct annual purchasing power of $200 billion. Add to this another $500 billion of indirect spending capabilities, and it makes sense that Generation Y is a hot commodity for marketers. You already know that these consumers embrace social media. But if you are not getting a lot of response to your marketing and branding efforts, it is time to find out what you are doing wrong on Facebook and how you can fix it.


Take Corporate Responsibility Online


In the past, companies would display sponsorship banners to advertise their involvement in a local cause. Go beyond the past. Use your Facebook page to create an interest in the cause your business is embracing. Explain your reasons for choosing the charity or cause; outline your actions and encourage customer involvement. Millennials may initially connect with your cause but from there, they connect with your brand.


Keep it Real


Millennials quickly notice the airbrushed qualities of a model, the attempts at greenwashing a brand or the use of stock images as opposed to actual customers when presenting testimonials as part of your Facebook marketing. If you lose Generation Y’s trust, you face an uphill battle trying to regain it. Authenticity and an outward-focused approach to your branding are a must.


Set and Use Benchmarks


Even if you become an overnight authority on Millennials, remember that marketing to this group is fraught with the potential for missteps. Setting benchmarks for Facebook interactions, “likes,” sharing of content and personal engagement is vital for knowing when you are veering off course. Now that you know what you are doing wrong on Facebook and how you can fix it, go a step further and work with experts in the field to create long-term social advertising campaigns that specifically target Gen Y.


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