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How to Successfully use Pinterest Ads

Whether you're considering marketing on Pinterest or you're already doing so, you'll reach more people by using Pinterest promoted pins. These look like regular pins, but allow you to increase visibility so you make sure your message gets to the right person. Just how successful you are here depends on your learning how to use Pinterest ads.

There are 5 ways of setting up your Pinterest ads:

  • Pinterest is an inspirational platform, so creativity is vital in your CTR. Make sure you use high-quality, vertically oriented pictures that grab your viewer's attention.

  • Add keywords to these, along with a soft call to action (Pinterest doesn't allow hard sales) in the text below the image. You're allowed 150 keywords so develop and carry out a comprehensive keyword strategy for use here.

  • You must understand who your audience is (e.g. location, language, device, gender) so you can target your ads at them.

  • Once a campaign is live, it's there forever so make sure you gear your pins towards long-term movement and longevity. Think about this ahead of time so you continue focusing on this behavior (e.g. ecommerce sale, lead). You also want to prompt customer engagement so they'll pass your pin along by re-pinning it.

  • Remember, this is a CPC model (you only pay when people click-through to your website) so bid aggressively. By setting your max CPC higher you can drive more CTR, thus becoming more relevant and prevalent. Pinterest allows you to set this up by campaign.

There really is a lot that goes on at Pinterest – searching for keywords, looking at great visual images, generating leads, selling products. Regardless which of these is your main focus, you need to use Pinterest ads. If you're having problems or simply need some questions answered for you about this topic, contact us. We're happy to help!

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