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The Best Times to Send Your Emails for Maximum Open Rates

The Best Times to Send Your Emails for Maximum Open Rates

Your email subscribers likely get a lot of mail flooding their inbox. What is the best way to stand out and get more opens?

One of the ways to increase your open rate is by sending your emails at the right time. But what is the best time of the day to send your emails? And what is the best day of the week to send them? CoSchedule analyzed data from 10 different email studies, which were conducted by companies such as Get Response, MailChimp, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Wordstream, and others. Here’s what they found.

The Best Day of The Week

The studies showed that emails sent in the middle of the workweek got more opens than emails sent at the end or beginning of the week and emails sent on weekends. Tuesday scored the best, while Thursday proved to be a great choice for sending your second email. Wednesday also got good results.

The Best Time of the Day

Emails sent at the beginning of the workday got the highest open rates. Between 9 AM to 11 AM brought the best results. However, emails sent very early in the morning (6 AM) and late in the evening (8 PM) also got good results. Considering that people grab their phones and read their emails first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep, that makes sense.

Everyone Will Be Different

The truth is that there are no clear-cut rules for when to send your emails. Every list will be different. Your best bet would be to split test your emails. Send them at different times and see which times get the most opens.

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