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Political Posts Turn off Your Friends from Social Media, Here's How To Fix It

Political Posts Turn off Your Friends from Social Media, Here's How To Fix It

Today it seems that social media has become a virtual battleground of sorts. The media, politicians, celebrities and leaders of all types are taking to their keyboards and waging war against each other.

This leads to a flood of "news stories" opinion pieces and loads of political memes that are shared across all social media channels. Even the President hashes out his issues on Twitter.

For everyone else, it's the same. People take to Facebook and Twitter mostly, often after learning of a new policy, reading an article or watching the news. They log on only to find that friends and family who have opposite viewpoints are sharing the latest inflammatory meme and it just adds fuel to the fire.

What often ensues is a time-consuming and often stressful exchange that elevates your blood pressure and inspires the rest of your friends list to unfollow your posts.

There has to be a better way, and there is. Rather than waste time in arguments and flame wars, you can state your issues in a constructive way that leads to thoughtful conversation and while it may not change anyone's mind, it may lead to more productive conversations.

Here are some tips you can use to keep things from getting ugly or off-track.

- Make your point quickly and keep it simple. Don't over-explain or try to make more than one point at a time. Keep in mind the main issue you are trying to convey and don't get off track.

- Do your homework. If you are going to present an argument, be sure you can back it up.

- Be open-minded and reasonable and continue to convey your point in a logical, simple and reasonable manner.

- Don't get sidetracked. This is especially easy if the opposing side starts feeling like they are losing the argument. They may try to pull you into something else. Don't bite. At this point if they are not willing to be moved, it's time to walk away.

- It is possible to make your point and be heard, although you won't necessarily change your mind, you may at least be able to keep your sanity and not alienate your friends.

This strategy is simple and effective and allows you to put your thoughts and values out there without it coming back to bite you later.

For more tips on navigating the social media universe and building your business, contact Crowd Siren today.

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