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3 Instagram Marketing Tips to Engage Your Followers

3 Instagram Marketing Tips to Engage Your Followers

The visual display of the platform makes Instagram marketing unique. In this blog, we'll go over three tips to help you engage your followers without necessarily having to spend more money:

Share more videos

Videos are becoming more and more popular on Instagram to the point where they may challenge pictures as the platform's preferred content type one day. Videos are inherently better for engagement, and brands have been acting on that.

According to this eMarketer article, brands like Sports Illustrated are exponentially sharing more videos compared to just last year:

"Some news and media organizations appear to be taking note of video’s appeal among Instagram users, and a select few have been adding such content at a furious pace. Sports Illustrated, for example, posted just eight videos to its Instagram account in May 2016, but upped that figure to 325 this May. ESPN, for its part, more than doubled its number of Instagram videos over the same period."

We expect that trend to continue. We also recommend you to try sharing more videos and see if they do a better job in terms of engaging your followers.

Create posts on desktops

Yes, Instagram's mobile app is great, but it's not exactly optimal for sharing posts. When you use a desktop instead, you have more creative control over the process. In addition, you'll save a lot of time by having access to a mouse and full keyboard.

Schedule your engagement tactics

We all like to think that we'll regularly log on to all of our social media accounts and like and reshare posts and interact with followers, but it never happens as often as it should. That's why we advise creating an engagement schedule where you outline when you'll log on and what exactly you'll do. At the very least, this assures that you'll have a base level of social activity.

To talk more about Instagram marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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