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Twitter Marketing: 3 Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant on Twitter

Twitter seemed like one of those social media platforms that could never work. After all, who wants to give updates of their thoughts in a few hundred characters when there are already successful platforms like Facebook that allow you to go into intimate detail about what's happening between your ears, and in your life? But, Twitter took off, and it is now one of the biggest social marketing platforms out there. Which is why, if you have a restaurant, you should have a Twitter account dedicated to promoting your business.

If you're not sure how to do that in so few characters, don't worry. Just follow these three simple tips.

Tip #1: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Twitter doesn't have a lot of characters, but that makes it ideal for shots of beautiful food. So, if you want people thinking about how great your restaurant is, tweet out some of your current meal deals and specials. You've got limited space to go with it, so put a brief call to action in the tweet as well to get people to come in. Whether it's for pancakes, pie, or perfectly grilled steak, people react very positively to deliciously staged photos.

Tip #2: It's All About Timing

If you want to reach the biggest possible audience who's looking to go out to eat, tweet on the weekends. According to Restaurant Engine, that is the time you're most likely to reach the people who will see your tweets, and decide to come in.

Tip #3: Hashtag Your Posts

While it might look like a waste of space, hashtags are extremely important on Twitter. Carefully choose two or three of the best ones, and make sure they're in your post. Never go over five, though, because at that point you'll look like you're just spamming hashtags, and that will turn off readers who might otherwise have been interested in seeing what you had to offer.

For more helpful social media marketing tips, simply contact us today!

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