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4 Ways to Reach More Millennials On Social Media

Are you ready to market to millennials? Here are some tips for engaging with and reaching millennials on social media.

Keep Up With the Platforms

More and more millennials are moving towards networks such as Snapchat and other apps. Although Facebook and Twitter are still important platforms, consider branching out if you want to reach an audience that has more millennials.

Keep Up With the Message

Millennials don't like hard selling. If you are targeting young people, adjust your message accordingly. Do not come across as overly bland, cold, and professional. Keep things light, fun, and interesting. Most of all, infuse your tone with a personal and human touch. Be authentic. Consider posting stuff about popular culture. Do stay away from anything controversial, though. Instead of hard selling, consider focusing on "FOMO," or the fear of missing out. Time-limited offers work very well.

Reply and Engage

If you want millennials on social media to notice you, make sure to notice them. Reply to and like their comments. Many will use Twitter and Facebook Messenger to get customer support. Make sure you reply to their questions quickly -- and don't just give them a number to call.

Remember the Law of Social Proof

Millennials care a lot about what their friends think. Getting retweets, likes, and comments from young people will make others more receptive to what you have to say. Consider contests to get people to tweet at you and post pictures of them using your product. Celebrity influencer marketing is another thing you might want to consider if you want to reach millennials. Positive online reviews are also extremely important.

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