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Engaging Audiences with Captivating Content


Crowd Siren started as a consultancy in 2010. The end of that year, the company began working on social media management for companies on a regular basis. Since then Crowd Siren has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ve promoted over 100 events and contests on social media and created over 10 million impressions through Facebook ads. 



At Crowd Siren, we believe that consistent, focused attention on a brand’s online presence can develop a warm network of fans that act as an extension of the brand’s customer base. Companies must pay attention to social media as a mechanism for press, reputation management and customer service. We provide these marketing services for companies, understanding the large undertaking of brand management in the digital age. The team at Crowd Siren treats your brand as you would, professionally, attentively and honestly. We build your brand for you online while you build it on the ground.


Take the guesswork out of social media marketing and let us provide hand-curated content.


There are no machines automating the process of updating your online media accounts. Instead, actual humans are behind the scenes, carefully picking the content you’re looking for to engage your target audience according to your company goals.


Crowd Siren combines a talent network of content marketers, customized marketing services and technology to manage corporate content, all in one place. 



We promise impressive returns on ad spending in the 5x ROAS!



Crowd Siren turns brands into publishers by turning marketing objectives into complete editorial experiences.

Our Approach to Social Media

Crowd Siren is a digital agency that develops, plans and implements social media campaigns for both small and large businesses, everything from technology start-ups and non-profits to fashion designers and national brands.  


Founded in Downtown Las Vegas, Crowd Siren ensures that a client’s brand vision reaches their customers consistently and strategically online. Our services are custom outlined for each client and can include: developing and planning campaigns for online media including their creation and design. The team’s primary focus becomes implementing your solution daily through social media management, email marketing, graphic design, content creation, content marketing, customer engagement, public relations and smart online advertising.


Our team gives our clients and their brands personal, consistent attention that gets your business noticed while protecting and managing your reputation online through consistent, branded content.


Crowd Siren has expertise in a number of areas, all deeply rooted in marketing.


Primary Expertise: Social media, digital communications, online branding, content marketing (blogs, graphic design, advertising creative), SEO & SEM


Secondary Expertise: Website Development on select platforms, Public Relations and traditional advertising (billboard, TV, radio)

Client Relationship


Crowd Siren considers our clients to be our partners. Our team works with your team to ensure we are both creating ideas and executing them to achieve organizational goals. With that said, our team is heavily vested in your brand, and treat it like our own. Our team is very proactive when engaging your social network fans and honest when dealing with our client’s needs.


When we are retained to completely manage all aspects of a social media-marketing plan we understand the level of trust and transparency that is bestowed upon us and act accordingly.


Our agency strives to offer an unsurpassed customer service experience for every account we work with. Due to the real time nature of social media we are available around the clock, at nighttime and on weekends. We will provide contact information so we can serve you when needed.


We also love drinking coffee and strategizing during lunch meetings with our clients.

  • Crowd Siren offers a number of digital capabilities, including the following:

  • Social media campaign ideation and execution including promotions.

  • Increase social media fan base and followers on social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & TIkTok

  • Engage and interact with fans and followers of client’s brands through social maintenance and engagement of online social media sites.

  • Search out and engage with social media influencers locally, regionally & nationally.

  • Social Media reporting, monitoring and advertising analytics.

  • Communications strategy for companies.

  • Social Media contesting ideation and executing.

  • Branding including graphic and logo design for social.

  • Online brand identity creation and management.

  • Content curation for social postings for clients: blogs, photography, videography, website copy for clients.

  • Email marketing strategy and execution.

  • Online advertising strategy, creative, and management.

  • Online reputation management and industry monitoring through community management.

  • Creating content calendars for clients & other operation workflows for social media. 

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