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Colorado business briefs: 
Crowd Siren, a Las Vegas-based digital marketing agency is expanding to Denver's Galvanizecoworking campus.Read more HERE

As social media continues to grow, the perceived need to constantly update one’s status, post pictures and respond to queries can begin to seem like a full-time job. For Lauralie Ezra and her staff at Crowd Siren, it is. Ezra initially envisioned her business as a consulting operation, in which she would explain to individuals and companies how to maximize their exposure and

use of social media. Read the

full article HERE


Lauralie and Crowd Siren were mentioned in the latest issue of University of

Nevada, Reno's Silver and

Blue alumni magazine

on Pages 43-44

The Las Vegas Review Journal interviews founder Lauralie Lee Ezra (LLE) and discusses how Crowd Siren began and the services offerred. "Her company’s niche is building and maintaining companies’ brands online. Some companies might need an audit to determine their brand’s online presence; startups might need everything from a logo, to a website or Facebookadvertising

campaign." Read

her interview HERE.

"Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 PR Daily Awards! The PR Daily Awards is Ragan Communications’ most popular award program. It’s one of our favorites because of the innovation, hard work and achievements you continue to share with us."

What have your fellow UNLV graduates been up to? Read about their latest accomplishments.

14 BS Business Administration, is brand manager for the media company Crowd Siren. In May, she will begin managing its new Denver

office. Read more HERE

"Crowd Siren is a social media marketing company in Las Vegas that started as a consultancy. Initially we would help companies learn social media. We soon realized that was only part of the problem. Even very fluent social media managers weren’t able to strategize, manage and optimize social media for companies. We decided to offer those services and have been doing that successfully

for the last 4 years” said Ezra.

Continue to

read more HERE.

Social Media is everywhere. It is used by most. It is mastered by few. In early 2014, we put the call out and asked you to show us why you belong on that elite list of social media masters. The entries came in from around the world. Social media leaders sen

t their most creative, distinctive,

edgiest work, read more HERE.

Lauralie has been invited to KNPR to discuss more about how DTLV evolved since the start-up of Downtown Project. Tune in HERE 

Lauralie Ezra

Outlier interviewed founder Lauralie Lee Ezra discussed the beginning of Crowd Siren. 

"Lauralie Lee Ezra is an entrepreneur, writer, and dog mom from Las Vegas, NV. Through her company, Crowd Siren, she helps build online brands for businesses. In this interview, Lauralie describes how she followed several paths before building her company and how she gained

traction with Crowd Siren."

Read her interview HERE.

Downtown Zen

Have you heard the story of Lorelei, a giant rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine? Legend has it that a maiden would sit atop the rock distracting sailors with her beauty. She was a siren of sorts, although perhaps not as ill intentional, and you can guess how the story ends/ For Lauralie Ezra, a born-and-raised Las Vegan, the story behind her name isn’t about the potentially tragic ending; it is a story of the power

of enchantment, read more HERE.

Crowd Siren executed The Grrand Opening of Howard Hughes, Downtown Summerlin in Las Vegas and won Honorable mention for Social Networking Campaign and Facebook Communications. Read more HERE

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