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Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter have billions of users comprised of your friends, family members, co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, and even complete strangers. These people are a brand’s TARGET MARKET. Social networks have developed native advertising tools to reach a brand's target market by utilizing users social data including; their specified interests, age, geographic area, job title, family demographics, income and more. Our social advertising solution aids brands in making an impression to these users by creating custom ad campaigns.

We accomplish the following for our clients:

Social Advertising

•Develop Social Advertising Campaigns with different types of social ads that include: cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, Page “like ads”, event ads, and others. • Identify target audience(s) • Write advertising creative • Select ad Images from our stock photography library (optional) • Photograph a brand for ad development (available) • Create social videos for online ads (available) • Integrate campaigns with email marketing • Manage advertising budget • Test and optimize ads utilizing social data • Deliver monthly metric reports•

Our promise: We do not buy “fake-fans” or “bots” or “whatever else you want to call them” at Crowd Siren! We believe that a small, targeted audience is more valuable to your business than thousands of fake fans who will never buy from you or engage with you.

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