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Case Studies

Goodman for Mayor was the first mayoral race for candidate Carolyn Goodman, whose husband, Oscar Goodman, served as Las Vegas mayor prior to her bid for election.

The Company:

Grow the largest online personal brand of any candidate for Carolyn Goodman during her campaign. We wanted to show the public what was happening on the campaign trail, connect with younger voters and engage with the community through the use on consistent, positive social media, leading to an increase in voter awareness and connectedness, leading to more votes.

The Goal:

The Approach:

We were determined to increase the awareness of the Goodman brand through daily social media management. We enhanced the messages on Facebook with a very targeted advertising campaign that increased the reach and engagement of every post and grew the base with voters in targeted zip codes. In addition, we created behind the scenes videos of the campaign that showed the Goodman's campaigning, visiting different local groups and gathered testimonials of supporters. Those videos then were spread on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook and were even cross-promoted on local newspaper websites.

Carolyn Goodman was elected mayor in 2011 and re-elected in 2015! Her social media was the largest of any candidate. Her social media was discussed in the news and onine. She was able to send messages about the campaign through the social media and was the most active social candidate in the race.

The Results: 

Downtown Summerlin

Present Comments

The Company: 

Downtown Summerlin is a premier regional mixed-use development site in the U.S. It will be part of a planned urban core that will service the entire Las Vegas Valley with over 125 shops and restaurants as the heart of Summerlin.

Produce a well-rounded social media presence before, during and after the grand opening event. Create a comprehensive social media campaign for awareness and promotion of Downtown Summerlin's grand opening Increase the number of fans/followers on various social media channels to 20,000 by Grand Opening. Develop interaction and increase engagement with followers Connect key local social media influencers to the opening

The Goal:

The Approach:

Crowd Siren instituted a full-scale online strategy for the opening of Downtown Summerlin to drive home specified calls to action to increasing attendance for the grand opening events.

At the end of Downtown Summerlin’s grand opening week, the Facebook page had received more than double the pervious two months fan base growth in just 7 days. The goal was to collect 10,000 emails by October 9th, we are currently at 48,000 emails address and will announce the contest winner on Black Friday. Our Facebook advertising* reach penetrated 40% of the local market with a population of 2.1 million. The "street team" promoted the event hashtags, gave away prizes for the most engaged fans, and suggested points of interest to take selfies during the event. This helped #DowntownSummelrin become a trending topic on Twitter and created 1000s of post to our hashtags* through opening weekend. Our total social reach was a combined 7.41 million total impression across all channels.

The Results: 

Social Growth Over Time

340% increase in Facebook likes specifically for local Jews in the Las Vegas area who are interested in philanthropy and Jewish culture.

The Results: 

Garner more Facebook fans in the target market

The Goal:

The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas is a regional division of Jewish Federations of North America, touching more Jewish lives than any other organization in the world. Crowd Siren was brought on to grow the local social audience and convert Jewish Federation of Las Vegas donors into social media followers. The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas is your center for Jewish Philanthropy and Community Development.

The Company: The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas

Social Event Marketing

Grand Bazaar Shops is an immersive shopping experience on the Las Vegas Strip

The Company: Grand Bazaar

Before Opening                              After Opening 

Increase brand awareness during the opening weekend

The Goal:

Website Traffic

•Use multifaceted social campaign to drive traffic from social media to increase visit to the property
including the following tactics:

The Results: 

-social photos

-social video

-online advertising

-social promotions

-on site marketing

•Opening weekend gained:

74,099 Impressions

749 Check-Ins

36,665 Total Reach

945 Total Clicks

Pop Up Pizza launch
Downtown Runners

Downtown runners is a passionate group of individuals dedicated to makin fitness fun for their Las Vegas community.

The Company:

Create a brand from scratch. Crowd Siren developed the strategy and management of a Marketing Plan that was inclusive of: Logo Design, Website, Social Media Set-up and Maintenance, Facebook Advertising, Content Creation, Email Database set-up, growth and management, Ticketing System Management, Groupon Integration, Flyer and poster design, Television and News appearances and more.

The Goal:

The approach for the brand new company needed to be very comprehensive. For a firs-time race event it was important to establish a brand immediately. We knew we needed to work on the brand from domain name and website to logo creation to tagline. It was a full-scale marketing approach. Create content using photos and videos to promote a sense of community as well as promoting the first run. Create financial planning and approach and launch tickets and prancing plan. Create a website and email newsletters informing consumers about an upcoming event, promotions and community building events, such as free training runs.

The Approach:

The Results: 

Tickets were sold! Over 1500 runners come out for the first race and over 1000 the second. There is a vibrant community of targeted Las Vegas runners that engages with every single post on Facebook. The email list has become a valuable tool creating sales each and every week it is sent out! The online community of runners in Las Vegas is on the Facebook page with nearly 2,000 (Facebook) likes and over 100 sponsors. We were able to bring in over 1500 runners to join the first race, the Sprinkle Sprint. Had multiple press releases promoting the run with articles in the Las Vegas Sun, Seven Magazine, Review Journal, as well as news stories on Channel 8, Channel 5, Channel 3, and Channel 13. Gained nearly 2,000 Facebook fans.

Past Comments

Present Likes

Past Likes

1,300% comment increase by utilizing conversation builders and community management

850% like increase by utilizing original content curation and leveraging the brand's unique voice

700% post reach growth by using optimized posting

times and online ads

The Results: 

Crowd Siren was brought on to generate buzz for the grand opening of the BAR's second location by increasing engagement using social media. This post helped to spread the reach of the brand by building up a community of engaged users.

The Goal:

Born and Raised is a local Las Vegas bar and restaurant offering premier drinks, great food, and gaming.

The Company: Born and Raised BAR

Increase Social Engagement 



The Company:

Pop Up Pizza is unique pizza restaurant influenced by East Coast flavors, featuring creative pizzas with fresh ingredients.

Build brand awareness and excitement for their grand openings on social media platforms. Create an identity for Pop Up Pizza, unlike any other pizzeria. Create customer engagement empowering loyal customers to brand advocate and be brand ambassadors. Create and grow an active social audience leading up to the Grand Opening event. Engage with customers driving them to the restaurant. Get customers excited to try the new pizza spot Downtown.

The Goal:

Create fun and interactive content to engage consumers with the brand using contest, videos and more, create knowledge of the product, call to action Facebook ads. Create a Facebook event and Facebook ads to like the page and come out for the grand opening.

The Approach:

Hundreds of people attended the grand opening event of Pop Up Pizza, including local politicians, press, food bloggers and downtowners. We gained 800 targeted Facebook fans (locals in Vegas who like Pizza) by the grand opening. We were able to create a large fan base as well as loyal customers that recommended Pop Up pizza to their friends. Gained 800 Facebook likes from Las Vegas locals within 8 days of launching the Facebook page and running very specific Facebook ads.

The Results: 

The Company: Massage Envy Santa Clarita

Massage Envy Santa Clarita is a franchise massage clinic located in Northern California offering services such as massages and facials.

The Goal:

To increase MESC's reach and engagement through social media. We increased 800% likes for Massage Envy and targeted more than 700 Northern California locals into the clinic. Crowd Siren created content and fun graphics for Massage Envy's Facebook platform. 

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