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Are you the type of person who watches commercials and dissects them? Do you think about ads in an objective way when flipping through magazines? Do you have creative and fun ideas for brands that you've always wished someone would implement?! If this sounds like you then you're a natural marketer and a fellow creative and we'd love to hear from you. Perhaps you can join the team as an intern?


Apply today for a summer internship for an award-winning marketing company in Las Vegas. Join the internship cohort of summer 2021 and learn digital marketing tactics from the professional team who has been around for over 10 years and worked on the most innovative campaigns on and off the Las Vegas Strip.


Internship Description:

Marketing firm is conducting a Summer 2021 Internship Cohort.

“Cohort internship programs intentionally combine several well-accepted ‘high-impact practices’ that result in deeper learning and greater engagement. In addition to gaining real-world experience and developing professional competencies, students in cohort programs are exposed to more content, participate in more and varied experiences, gain diverse perspectives, and connect more ideas and concepts.”


As a member of the  Summer Internship Cohort Program, you can expect:

An environment that encourages entrepreneurial spirit

Hands-on experience across functional areas such as Marketing, Sales, or Analytics

Mentorship from Crowd Siren  managers, as well as a dedicated Intern Captain at office location

A culture that embraces change, speed, and flexibility in how your work is accomplished

An environment that requires adaptability to changes in the industry and advances in technology

A company who values diversity, inclusion and teamwork


Must be available to work for the entire duration of the internship program (June 3 - September 1, 2021) in Las Vegas, NV.


HOURS: 12-15 hours per week working in a coworking environment

DURATION: 8-12 weeks

REQUIREMENTS: Must have your own wi-fi enabled laptop and reliable transportation

PAY: Internships that receive college credit are unpaid. Once internships are completed, a job offer may be extended to qualified candidates. 90% of Crowd Siren interns have gone on to work for the company in a paid capacity.


General Qualifications:

Student must possess a passion for marketing, advertising or business. Our company is a boutique firm who looks for passionate candidates willing to embrace their role as a contributor to the company.


Internship responsibilities could include the following items:

  • Learns strategic Business social media tactics

  • Build weekly email newsletters for clients.

  • Creates social media and builds the social brand for clients.

  • Try your hand at writing content for social media including blogs, status updates and press releases

  • Create online campaigns for high-level clients through social media

  • Utilize your ideas at company meetings that may be implemented in strategy

  • Learn about online advertising and help choose copy and imagery for brands social ads

  • Work from offices located in Downtown, Las Vegas


Interested? Please email resume and social media handles to:

Internship Cohort 2021 

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