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3 Different Uses for Facebook Groups And How You Can Make Them Work For Your Company

Facebook has changed the way we interact with each other on a personal level, but it's also changed the way businesses communicate with their employees and their customers, as well. Perhaps you've been wondering about the different uses for Facebook groups, and how you can leverage Facebook to help grow your business. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Use #1: Promote Unity & Motivation

Like the beginning of every year, our televisions are exploding with dieting and weight loss commercials, and weight loss support groups are popping up all over Facebook. These groups really work to promote unity, and they also help motivate people to succeed in their weight loss goals. The constant communication that's available in Facebook groups is a great motivator, and it can work the same way for your business. People love to be a part of a group, so by making your Facebook group fun, you'll encourage company morale, and spark a sense of "team spirit" for your employees.

Use #2: Communicate Important Information

Nothing makes growing your business more difficult than when you struggle with getting everyone on the same page. Most of your employees are already on Facebook, so it's really easy to contact them in that way too. For them, adding a group is something that's easy to do. They can post any information they want to share, and they can keep themselves updated with what's going on in your business too.

Use #3: Plan Big Events

You've probably noticed how tricky it can be to get all of the members of a planning committee together in the same place for the purpose of planning an event. People are busy, and when you plan your committee meetings outside of work hours, it can make it really hard to get everyone in the same room. Facebook groups are an excellent tool for you to use in planning big events for your corporation. Perhaps you have an annual banquet every year. Why not add everyone on the committee to a Facebook group and ask them to brainstorm their ideas? Before you know it, you've done a great deal of the work before the committee even meets in person.

Facebook groups are a great tool for businesses, and they can help yours too. If you'd like more information, please contact us today.

By: Todd Levy

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