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Three Benefits of Using Twitter Polls For Business Marketing

About four years ago, Twitter started allowing members to embed single-question polls in their tweets. Numerous companies have made good use of this feature for marketing purposes. Some of these efforts contributed to greater sales by enhancing visibility and brand recognition. Twitter polls offer at least three major promotional benefits for businesses:

1. They make your page more engaging and interactive. People like to express their opinions and have an influence upon business decisions. This results in more retweets, page views and followers. Polls appeal to a wider audience than comments because they give users the option to share opinions anonymously. At the same time, members can still make comments on the questions and results if desired.

2. Twitter automatically notifies participants when polls come to an end. If you post intriguing questions, people will come back to see the results or reply to any comments. This increases the chance that they'll follow your account and learn more about your business. It's also less difficult to create an appealing multiple-choice question than a video or contest that draws equivalent attention.

3. Polls offer a convenient way to gather valuable information at no cost. They're more confidential and much easier to fill out than typical surveys, so many people are willing to participate. You could ask something like "How should we let you know about the latest sales?" Recently, CVS Pharmacy let Twitter users vote on how it ought to reward customers who carry reusable shopping bags.

The bottom line is that polling increases loyalty, helps engage potential customers, attracts repeat visitors and generates useful data. It offers an effective yet economical way to achieve these goals. Nonetheless, successful Twitter promotion demands time and social media expertise. If you need help advertising your business on social networks, please contact our knowledgeable experts today.

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