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The Benefits of Using Social Media for your Next Event

Are you having an event? Looking for ways to maximize your event? Look no further than using social media to maximize your next event. When you tie social media into your events you benefit your audience, those attending the event and, of course, your company!

Using social media for your next event facilitates event engagement and excitement. Prior to the event, you can gain excitement about your event by teasing your audience with what they can expect, special guests that might be attending, and sharing images of the event space. In addition, when you use social media prior to an event people engage in conversation about the event causing excitement for others and even convincing others to attend. You may want to create a special hashtag for your event. Creating a hashtag and using it with every event post creates brand awareness and your participants can easily search the hashtag on social channels. It also creates a buzz when you use a hashtag. You will find that participants to your event will be using the hashtag. A bonus of using hashtags - you can track the buzz on social. You can see how many people are talking about your event just by searching that hashtag.

You can create an enhanced event experience by using social media. During the event you can ask participants to post to social tagging your company. This creates brand awareness, shows your company as an authority in its field, and also gets participants to join together when there are multiple posts tying your company to the event. You can post special offers to social media exclusively for participants. If you are hosting a trade show, you can have participating companies post on their pages and tag your company, thus expanding your social media exposure.

Maybe one of the most important benefits of using social media at your next event is the exposure to those that aren't familiar with your company. Posts from event participants with your hashtag will be seen by those participants followers. Opening your name and event to a whole new set of people that may have never heard of your company. The reach goes far and wide when you use social media for event marketing. You may get new customers that way or at the very least acquire new followers on social media.

If you are looking for assistance with leveraging social media for your next event contact Crowd Siren.

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