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How to Make Your Franchise Your Own with Fun Social Media Marketing

Depending on the level of control the main company exerts over your franchise, you might not have many choices when it comes to traditional marketing. You've given the posters and the point-of-sale graphics, and your store might be inspected to ensure compliance. But the Internet is still a bit like the Wild West, and that's where you can give your franchise a bit of unique flair. Here's how to make the most of it:

Support local teams.

One of the best ways to customize your franchise and become a local favorite is to visibly support local teams. No matter what region of the United States your store is in, there's a sporting event and a particular sports team that's the local favorite. So make informal posts supporting the local favorites.

Also, you can verbally support local high school teams. If you have the freedom to do it, keep later hours on football game nights and offer themed specials.

Make weather- and event-based posts.

Your company might be based in balmy California, but the northern states still have a bit of a winter chill and the southernmost states are already in the middle of summer. No matter what you sell, you can make regionalized or weather-related posts that appeal to your audience. Making posts that actually matter to your audience and make specific recommendations are far more effective than sanitized, nation-wide messages from corporate.

Give your customers (positive) reasons to take photographs at your store.

Make your store a fun place to photograph and post about online. That might mean going all out on Halloween with your costume or wearing a ridiculous amount of spirit wear. Clever quips on your board outside can also draw a small amount of social media fervor. Just make sure the buzz you're creating can't backfire.

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