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3 Reasons Your Advertising Doesn’t Work, and How Promotional Models Can Help

There is nothing is more important for your brand than marketing. To put it bluntly, you don't exist without it. Superior goods and services are passed up by potential customers every day simply because they saw someone else's advertisement first, or more often. Don't get passed by! Below, you will see three common mistakes that brands make, and the solutions promotional models offer to each.

Not Achieving Meaningful Engagement

Achieving meaningful engagement on any platform, whether Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or other forms of social media is a difficult and time-consuming challenge. One of the major benefits of a promotional model is that you can hire a professional to create live content for you. This allows you to quickly build an engaged base for your brand. Content is king, and live content is more important than ever to stay relevant and keep your brand in the spotlight. Leverage your time and influence by using promotional models to produce engaging live content for your brand.

Not Reaching Your Target Audience

Your target audience is on social media, and you need to be too. A Facebook page and poorly trafficked website is not enough, and content should ideally be coming at a frequent and steady flow. Understanding how to reach your target audience is easy. In fact, it has never been easier as social media provides you access to targeted ads, demographic research, and a greater sphere of influence for your brand's professional live content.

Not Building a Relationship With Customers

Establishing trust as a brand is about more than great products and services. It also requires understanding a little psychology behind relationships. The best place to start is the mere-exposure effect. According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, this effect dictates that the more someone is exposed to something, the more positive their view of that thing becomes. This is an extremely powerful tool when trying to connect with a customer, because the more they are exposed to your brand, the more favorably they will view what you have to offer. This will generate loyalty and sales. Yet again, this is where promotional models make a huge difference by producing high-quality live content and increasing your brand's exposure.

With a strong social media presence, consistent, engaging live content, and easily trackable metrics through various social media platforms, your brand loyalty and recognition will increase dramatically and you can be sure you're getting the most from each dollar.

If you're ready to take your brand and your social media engagement to the next level, contact us to learn how to take advantage of our services.

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