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Realistic Ways to Better Your Marketing on Snapchat

Are you confused on where to start your Snapchat marketing? Here are some easy and attention grabbing techniques to try today!

  1. 'Big' Rainbow Text- The big rainbow text feature is one of the best ways to get initial views on Snapchat. The use of bold color will bring the viewer's eye to your preview and draw them to open your story.

  2. Account Takeover- Have a larger account or an influencer do a takeover for the day. When you allow a larger account to control posting for a day it can both, teach you new social media techniques, and widen your demographic.

  3. Interact with viewers- Take polls, give a bi-weekly shout out to the most active viewer, invite viewers to give you feedback, link social media and allow them to interact on their chosen platform, etc... All of these options allow for greater viewer satisfaction and a feeling of community, leading to more loyal consumers for your brand.

  4. Host giveaways- There is no better way to gain viewers and fans than by hosting giveaways. Just make sure to include that they must be following the account to be eligible for the win. Your viewers will be up and active in no time!

  5. Post something wildly off brand- This tactic will require a bit of planning. In order to catch the eye of new viewers whilst keeping your current viewers happy, you'll first have to decide how off brand you're willing to go. Then it's time to post with the theme you chose, give your viewers time to react, and reveal your brand to the community.

All of these marketing techniques have been modeled by current social media influencers and business accounts on their Snapchats. The great part about these techniques is that, although they pertain to Snapchat specifically, it is very easy to interchange these methods between social media platforms. Contact us.

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