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How to Stay Healthy While Running Your Own Business: Creative Exercises to Eating Right

Do you know how to stay healthy while running your own business? While you may think that means staying financially healthy, there's also the problem of staying physically (and mentally) healthy. Those just now planning to be entrepreneurs may not really comprehend how much time it takes to keep a business afloat. And when you're working very long hours in a day to bring that success, exercise and eating right can easily be compromised.

The above can lead to major problems down the road if it isn't given some thought. Having your health fail is the last thing you want just as you're starting to enjoy the financial success of all your labors.

Is there a way to balance your busy work schedule and still be able to keep yourself physically and mentally fit? All it takes is a little thought beforehand and some time management to keep everything in balance.

Setting Aside Time for Physical Exercise

While you may think it's impossible to have any time for an extensive physical exercise program, it's time you try some consolidation. Various physical exercise ideas can be done that don't take a considerable amount of time. Some can be incorporated into your own job to make life easier.

One of the easiest is doing a classic plank exercise near your desk. YFS Magazine recently suggested doing a plank in the morning either at home before leaving for work or in your office. While it does involve lying on the floor, it helps work out about every part of your body and only takes less than a few minutes. All you do is place yourself in the standard push-up position and see how long you can hold your body up with your arms.

Yes, the above can be done periodically throughout the day. But what about helping out your employees at the same time? Try doing an outdoor morning walk together as a creative way to hold meetings. Tech Cocktail recently suggested this idea as a part of your morning routine. Just be careful not to talk about trade secrets out loud or passers-by could end up overhearing you.

Helping Your Mental Health

There's nothing better than doing meditation during certain parts of the day to keep your mind fresh and free of stress. Meditation also doesn't take a considerable amount of time, though you'll want at least 20 minutes to half an hour in order for it to make any difference.

Also schedule something fun to do with your staff during the day. The lunch hour is a good time to do something fun, as in going out to eat to a favorite restaurant. It also can mean doing other activities together if time allows such as movies or perhaps an outdoor event. Doing these things with your entire team can help nurture closer relationships during working hours.

Eating Healthy Food

The food you consume is going to play a key difference in how you hold up during the day. Considering you could be working 10 to 12-hour days in the beginning, you're going to need foods that produce energy. Eating almonds is one easy snack you can eat that helps bring natural energy and keeps your glucose under control. They also make you feel full so you don't reach for the unhealthy snacks and end up overeating.

Along with nuts, bring some fruits and vegetables with you to the office to eat during the day. To start, this can be a salad for lunch to accompany a healthy sandwich. Bring along a bag of raw carrots or even some organic apples as healthy snacks.

And while fish might not sound appealing to all, a can of sardines is a chance to get your Omega-3's and help your brain power. You want your brain to be as sharp during the day as your body will be after doing everything above. However, have some gum on standby so you don't have continuous fish breath.

Those long hours in the beginning may be spent finding ways to get your brand out there so people notice you. We can help you with that here at Crowd Siren. We're a Las Vegas-based online media, branding, and PR company that knows the insides of how to make your name known through online and outside marketing.

Contact us so we can start working with you. While we do, work and live responsibly so you'll still be a healthy person once success comes your way.

By: Lauralie L. Ezra

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