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Hire Someone or Do It Yourself? Which Marketing Approach Is Right for You?

If you’re not a marketing professional, you may think that this is a confusing world filled with its own jargon. What, for example, is the difference between “content marketing,” “inbound marketing,” “outbound marketing” and “email marketing?” And what about the term “marketing” itself? How does it differ from “advertising?” At Crowd Siren, we have answers for all your questions, if you want them. But if you just want to leave the marketing bit to us and concentrate all your efforts on providing the best products and services to your clients, you can do that too. So if you’re wondering if you should hire someone or do it yourself, here are some of the advantages of learning to market on your own:

  • You’ll know what’s going on in the virtual world and you’ll be up-to-date with the latest trends. This can help you to change your product or service depending on what consumers seem to be looking for in the moment.

  • You’ll be able to develop more personal relationships with your customers as you respond to their comments on your blog or on your social media pages.

  • You’ll save money you would otherwise spend on hiring professionals, and you can put this where you think it’s more needed.

  • You can implement your own ideas about marketing rather than waiting for others to come up with brilliant plans. A lot of people don’t realize that they have certain ideas that they’re just waiting to put into action, but this becomes clear to them when they find out that they’re never 100% satisfied with the ideas of others.

However, there are many advantages to having professionals do the work for you too.

  • You’ll be hiring people who know about the latest developments in the world of online marketing. This is what we do at Crowd Siren and it’s important for us to stay in touch with what’s going on in our field.

  • You can focus all your efforts on developing your product or service in the best way possible, since you don’t have to worry about the marketing side. For people who don’t get into sales or marketing, this can come as a real relief.

  • We’ll organize customer feedback for you so that you don’t have to go through customer comments one by one. You can rely on us to let you know where customer interest is heading so that you can develop your strategy accordingly.

Whether you want to learn how to work in the virtual arena by setting up a blog and social media pages or you want us to manage the marketing side of things, keep in mind that there are advantages to both approaches. Contact us for more information on online marketing, communications and SEO.

By: Todd Levy

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