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How Content Marketing Will Disrupt Advertising: The Role of Novelty, Variety and Environmental and E

Traditional means of advertising have been known to have a big effect on consumers. When you’re driving by a billboard, you can’t help seeing an eye-catching advertisement on it. If you’re reading a magazine, you’ll also see the advertisements that litter its pages. The same goes for TV ads when you’re watching a television show.

Changing Attitudes Towards Different Mediums

These days, the internet is slowly becoming the medium that people use the most. Print is going out of fashion, and even television shows can be downloaded from the internet and watched without advertisements. Of course, people may not stop watching TV completely but, as time goes on, they spend more and more time on Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general. Often, people even have Facebook on their phones so that they can stay up to date as their friends or other associates post updates. And given that even people who aren’t very social have large numbers of friends on Facebook, it’s much easier to get noticed in this medium than it is in other ones. This is the reason why content marketing will eventually disrupt advertising.

Reasons for the Content Marketing Explosion

  • The novelty of the internet medium plays a role in is popularity. The internet is much newer than TV, magazines, newspapers etc. This is part of the reason why we’re seeing such an explosion of content marketing on the internet. In a very short period of time, the amount of content on the internet has outstripped the amount of content that is being put out in print.

  • It’s more expensive to print on paper than it is to post something on the internet. It’s more expensive to send out a piece of direct mail as opposed to just sending out an email.

  • The internet is a more varied medium which allows you to post text, photos and videos. So it combines many of the qualities of mediums we have known in the past. With clear and distinct text, eye-catching photos and entertaining videos all available on the internet, not that many people turn to other mediums anymore.

  • It’s cheaper to get information on the internet. Why get a newspaper delivered to your home every morning when you can get all that information for free on the internet?

  • People are becoming more aware of environmental issues. So they now realize that they’ll be saving trees in the process of using the internet as opposed to print.

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By: Alyssa Rao

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