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What You Are Doing Wrong on Facebook (And How You Can Fix It)

So, you've finally decided to take the plunge and put your business on social media. You gathered together all your best images, sharpened up your wit, and put together what you think is a great Facebook page. Time has passed, though, and you just aren't getting the results you think you should. The simplest solution is that you're doing something wrong, and you've been racking your brain trying to figure out what it could be. Well, here are some simple ways you can sabotage your progress without even knowing it.

What You Are Doing Wrong on Facebook (And How You Can Fix It)

Mistake #1: Too Many Sales Pitches

No one likes being inundated with sales info, and if you put too many notices up about great sales, new products, or deals, you can actually turn your customers and potential customers off. Rein it in. Try to make posts that offer your followers more than just an advertisement. Posting silly pictures of the work day, an image of your store cat, or even a funny video of what really happens when employees go into the back room to "check on something" (likely a punch line where someone is playing cards, or walking into a huge party) will endear you to your customers a lot more than a special discount. Don't get rid of your offers, but try to limit them to no more than a few posts a week.

Mistake #2: Not Interacting With Your Followers

Social media is a place that's meant for conversation and interaction. If you have people who are actually commenting on your posts, or who are leaving questions in your inbox, you need to interact with them. Answer their questions, help deal with their woes, and show them that you're paying attention. By proving that you're not just a mouthpiece, you gain a more organic following which is much more interested in helping you succeed and supporting you.

Mistake #3: Ignoring The Details

Sometimes you get so wound up in what you're trying to say that you hit Post before you've given it a second look. Don't do that. Take a moment, catch your breath, and read over your post before you make it. Be sure your grammar and spelling are correct, and that you've included all the information you need to make yourself understood. You only have one chance to make a good impression, and if it looks like your post was rattled off with no thought, then that's exactly how much thought the audience is going to give it.

For other tips on how you can improve your business page's performance on Facebook, simply contact us today!


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