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How to Use the Call to Action Button on Facebook

If you have a page on Facebook and you'd like to engage your audience more, you should know how to use the call to action button. They are relatively easy to set up right from your Facebook page, but which one is right for you? Fortunately, we've got a list to help, as we identify the seven best kinds.

  • Learn More: Starting with the newest one, the Learn More button is ideal for steering people to your personal website. You just put in the URL and you're all set.

  • Call Now: This will let people contact you via phone.

  • Send Message: Keeps people on Facebook and lets them send you a personal message. Ideal for those without a personal or other business website to funnel people to.

  • Shop Now: Works well for sending people to sites like Etsy or other business-driven websites.

  • Watch Video: Perfect for YouTubers who have an intro video or other video that they want people to see first.

  • Send E-mail: Allows people to send you an e-mail to a specific address.

  • Sign Up: Have a newsletter? Put in the URL for where people can sign up to get a newsletter, more information, or whatever you have in mind.

These are very straightforward to set up. Just click on the option you want when you are editing your Call to Action button, and input the info it asks for depending on which option you choose. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact Us. Thanks.

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