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If You Don’t Know How to Make Your Email Stand Out From the Rest, Your Competitor Just Might

Email marketing is a critical component of your overall advertising and branding strategy. VentureBeat reports that this mode of communication offers the highest return on investment when compared to other marketing tools. While most business owners will acknowledge that this might indeed be true, only a fraction can do so from personal experience. If you do not know how to make your email stand out from the rest, you can bet that a close competitor will do so and eventually overtake you.

How Often is Too Often? How Often is Not Enough?

Case in point is the appropriate number of monthly emails. While sending out one email every other month or so is not enough, daily emails are too much. In the first example, the customer is unlikely to remember you. In the second one, the frequency of your communication is crossing the line of being overly pushy. We have found that the right number of monthly emails is somewhere between two and four.

Without Social Media Tie-ins, Emails Fall Flat

Sharing is the name of the game. If your emails consistently feature shareable content that is suitable for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram audiences, you succeed in mobilizing your recipients to talk about what you send out. As a result, a healthy mix of informative, fun and useful content is a fundamental element to your success. We have seen appliance store owners who succeeded in regularly creating a buzz online not because of their great prices or informative pieces on the merits of side-by-side refrigerators, but because their emails contained truly funny memes with a strategically located Facebook share button right next to them.

Standing out from your closest competitor with email marketing is not something to leave up to the junior associate you just hired. Enlist the assistance of an email marketing management specialist who can manage your newsletter and create custom-tailored campaigns that tie into your social media presence. Contact us today to learn more about enhancing the effectiveness of your email strategy.

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