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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Targeted Celebrity Influencer Marketing

Why pay top dollar for TV or radio celebrities if you can get better ROI for a lower price from a YouTube or Vine personality? Here are the top three reasons to choose professional online celebrity influencer marketing instead of a traditional celebrity.

New-Age Celebrities Connect With Audiences.

Localized keyword planning is the preferred online marketing method, and this translates into the promotional model that you use. The targeted celebrities that we employ speak directly to niche audiences. These small audiences bring a high ROI and the organic push that you need to expand your reach into the mainstream without millions of dollars in the bank.

Promotional Models Bring Personality.

You may have the best product in the world, but it is not the consumer's job to figure this out. Put it right in the lap of your audience with a personality who is good at explaining exactly how a product will improve their lives instead of just listing feature sets.

Promo Models Keep Paying Off.

Once you have generated engaging, personable content with one of our promo models, you can maintain the marketing of that campaign without revolving payments into a residual distribution structure. If you do not pay every two weeks for a TV ad, that ad goes away. Online ads do not go away until you take them off of your channel.

Please contact us for the new-age promotional model who will connect your audience to your product in ways that the traditional, generic celebrity cannot do. We pride ourselves on providing our client with a targeted personality that fits the brand rather than a celebrity shot in the dark.

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