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A Real Siren's Song: Why Millennials Love Live Streaming

Culture and media have an interesting symbiotic relationship. Often, media will affect how a population thinks about an issue, but sometimes culture demands a change in how media is presented.

Live streaming is the next big thing for one simple reason: millennials want a change in how media is presented. They want media they can trust. Platforms such as Periscope, Meerkat, and Snapchat allow audience members to experience moments simultaneously with the person who is recording. With Periscope and Meerkat, there is no editing process between when the video is made and when it is seen: no filters or sound effects are added. It is more difficult for people filming a live video to present something out of context, since they cannot edit out selective sentences. Similarly, Snapchat has a "live stories" feature which lets people who are at an event add their story to a common narrative. With these new media developments, coverage is raw and more truthful, and this is what millennials value in live streaming.

Millennials are starting to value authenticity and transparency, and they see that in the raw nature of live streaming. As more and more people tell stories online, the days of having to trust only extremely biased sources is slowly coming to an end. The internet is an amazing tool for reaching out to people and information, and live streaming makes that interaction more real and therefore more trustworthy.

Luckily, even if live streaming does not fit into the nature of your branding, there are ways to achieve authenticity and transparency, therefore helping millennials trust your brand. There are billions of possibilities for making your brand stand out, and Crowd Siren can send the right signals to your waiting audience. The world is very noisy, but millennials have their ears tuned in to what they want: authenticity. Join the conversation andcontact us today.

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