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Don't make these 5 marketing mistakes on Facebook!

Because Facebook is an important way you can reach your marketing target, you want to know what you're doing wrong on Facebook and how you can fix it. It's really important for your marketing success. So, this post will open up five of the top ways we see "Facebook done wrong." And, for each very common Facebook mistake, we'll suggest a more successful approach.

1. Too self-promoting

While it is fine to occasionally point out your accomplishments to your fans, they didn't follow your page to listen to you boast about your success. They're looking for value, for something that will inspire them and for a chance to connect with others of like mind. So, your success on Facebook requires searching out ways to provide your followers with a positive regard for your brand without resorting to endless bragging.

2. Mistaking numbers for engagement

While the total number of "Likes" you accrue isn't insignificant, neither is it the most important element of your Facebook strategy. More important to you is to gain brand advocates, people who will affiliate with your brand. These people will like your post, will share your content with others, thereby becoming unpaid ambassadors for you. Use your Facebook insights to learn when most people are available to engage with your brand and watch to learn the content they most like to engage with. Post that good content during those peak times.

3. Posting an incomplete brand page

Your Facebook page is your chance to make a first impression to your potential ally. An incomplete page communicates a negative impression. It makes you look uncaring, sloppy, and not-on-your-game. Take time to make your page as complete as possible. Post all the information you can. Start strong!

4. Creating long text posts

Short posts win on Facebook. Lengthy text posts don't receive frequent shares. Keeping your word counts to 80 characters or less will earn you more shares. And, be sure that you deliver posts with a good image. Facebook loves "eye candy." With a powerful image or punchy video, your post will do better than one that's merely text.

5. Using "out of range" posts

Keep your post topical and you'll tend to do better with your followers. Variety is fine and following trends can boost posts, but don't go far afield. Connect each post to your niche and be sure that your fans can see that connection, too. Stay within the context of your brand to develop the best relationship with your fan base.

Facebook used well is an important marketing tool for your brand. But, used poorly, it detracts from your image at best and becomes a public relations nightmare at worst. Contact us to help you make the most of Facebook.

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