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The Very Clear Advantage of Digital Advertising on Twitter

Why is digital media growing as traditional media fades to the back? Look no further than Twitter for a clear answer.

Digital advertising and media, and the visual and attention-getting appeal it offers, particularly through a social media platform such as Twitter, is an absolute essential for entrepreneurs considering which avenues to pursue to best grow their business.

Why Twitter? Twitter advertising can help you close abandoned sales opportunities, generate quick leads, and see visible real-time gains.

Some of the first questions entrepreneurs encounter when they look to capitalize on the opportunities waiting for them via Twitter's platform, is what content to post, and how to acquire more followers. Digital advertising is one of the most straightforward answers to both of those questions.

Twitter users look for compelling content, whether its educational, entertaining, or both, and promoted tweets focused on digital rather than more flat and traditional forms of advertising get noticed in Twitter's busy information stream.

Another frequent and immediate question is how often to post to properly engage these followers and attract potential followers. Though it's not the definitive, be-all end-all answer, one reputable study has found that "three tweets was the magic number for optimal posting."

This requires regular attention to content ideas and themes, and variations to keep your content new and interesting.

To keep this level of engagement up requires a precise campaign which understands the medium (which is always changing and evolving), the targeted customer (who is always changing how they engage with the medium), and a content-savvy mindset that effectively conveys your offerings in a relevant way to meet these ever-changing contingencies.

The best way to deal with this ever-changing and elusive, but vital, advertising component, is to have someone on your side who grasps the intricacies of it for you, while giving you peace of mind that the opportunity is properly being seized.

If you want to take advantage of the exciting potential in this area of social media marketing, contact us and we will give our creative direction and knowledge to your business growth.

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