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10 Tips How to Make Your Email Stand out From the Rest

The point of creating an email marketing message is to get a response. However, it's important that you learn how to make your email stand out from the rest of the emails that land in your clients' email boxes all day long.

There are three main components you must pay attention to when you're drafting an email you want people to actually open. These include a:

  • Strong subject lines that entice your visitors into opening your emails. These are short, personalized headings that tell the reader exactly what to expect when they open your email. Research demonstrates these subject lines get clicked on lots more than clever ones do.

  • Solid offers that hold your readers' interest. This offer must flow naturally. People don't want talked at or preached to, nor will they read emails that sound this way. Compelling copy must come before a killer call to action.

  • Clear calls to action that make them click on it. When adding HTML call to action buttons, make sure they're placed near the bottom or the right of the content. If you're struggling to create great looking buttons, there are tools available (e.g. Campaign Monitor) to help you with using captivating, bright colors on clear buttons with large, legible writing that's easy to read. Of course, you don't want something so extraordinary and large it looks obnoxious either.

If you need help creating emails that stand out and make people want to click on them, contact us. We'd be happy to help.

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