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What You Are Doing Wrong on Facebook and How You Can Fix It

Facebook can also a powerful marketing machine – if you know how to use it correctly. Too many business owners use Facebook to garner “likes” for their page and to share events for their company. While that’s a smart opening strategy, it’s simply not enough. Think of those likes as a starting point to position you correctly, and propel you off and running toward the finish line.

Vanity metrics – things like fans, followers, likes, etc. are good. Actionable metrics – things like active users and user engagement are better. They drive leads, which drives profits.

We’re going to help you learn how to turn vanity metrics into actionable metrics. In other words, we’ll help you figure out how to turn interest into engagement and turn engagement into profits with the power of Facebook marketing. These seven tips will help you get started.

  1. Understand The Problem For Which Your Business Provides A Solution. This allows you to have the right likes, fans, and followers on your Facebook business page. Owning a fitness business with 10,000 Facebook likes may seem like a good thing - until you realize that 9,999 of those likes are people whose interests have nothing to do with fitness. So, yes, you have a large number of like, but only one potential lead.

  2. Link Your Facebook Page To Relevant Landing Pages. Compelling lead magnets – free whitepapers, industry news and tips, – are a simple, cost-effective method for drawing your target market to your page. Even better – they’re a great way to generate likes that turn into leads from the right potential clients.

  3. Create Exclusive Content For Your Facebook Page. By providing valuable content for your Facebook fans, you invite them into a special group. Create a lead magnet targeted to your ideal market. Then require that they like your page in order to access this content. This will let you generate the right likes and leads, and leverage their interest in exclusivity that drive them to your paid products and services. After all, everyone wants to feel special.

  4. Create Customized Calls To Action That Compel A Response. When you run Facebook Like ads, what is your ultimate goal? What actions do you want people to take other than (or after) liking your page? Is your goal to get them to engage on additional social media channels? Do you want them to share your products and services page with others? Do you want them to buy? Are you trying to garner reviews and testimonials? Each of these actions requires a specific call to action.

  5. Aim Small. Miss Small. Rather than shooting for a large number of followers, aim for a more beneficial number of specific followers. Take the time to write out a description of your ideal client. Give him or her a name, age, and income range. Identify the other places where they hang out online and in real life. Research and uncover where they spend their business dollars, marketing dollars, and disposable income. What do they read? What music do they listen to? The more you know about them, the easier it will be to market to them.

  6. Tell Your Story On Your Facebook Page. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Period. Help your customers and potential customers get to know you. In simple language, talk about why you started your business, who you hope to help and how your business will benefit them. Will this lead to likes? You betcha. Will it lead to sales? It sure will. Imagine you’re a company focusing on responsible sourcing. Clients with this same interest will flock to you when they know you’re doing business in a way that does not deplete the earth natural resources.

  7. Send Followers Away From Your Facebook Page. Since your goal is to have your ideal client take action, send them to where the action is. Create buttons and leads that send those who like your page to your blog, newsletter sign-up link, other social media channels, landing pages, and product pages.

Facebook is a low-cost, effective way to connect to your clients and potential clients. The sheer number of likes on your Facebook page do not provide enough information about the solution you provide. Go after those likes. Then go one step further. Think in terms of next steps, additional actions, product or service sales and gear your Facebook page toward that end. Go after the likes you want – then use them to generate the sales you need.

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