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The Complete Beginner's Guide To Facebook Live Videos

Are you using Facebook Live Videos to engage your audience? If not, you should be. This interactive tool allows you to reach your followers in an all new way. You can share your expertise, share your opinion, or share just about anything else you desire. Keep your audience interested with these helpful tips:

Build Excitement. Give your followers a head-up as to when you will be broadcasting live. This helps to build anticipation and chances are, more people will tune in.

Stay Connected. Before you choose to go live, make sure that you have a strong WiFi connection.

Get Creative. Add a captivating description to your live video. Your words can capture the interest of your followers as you give them the details of what your video is about.

Make it Long. Live Video is different than traditional videos that typically last under a minute. Stretch out your broadcast and make it long enough so more people have the opportunity to join in and share it with their friends. Facebook recommends a broadcast of at least 5 minutes, even though you can broadcast up to 90 minutes.

Involve Your Audience. As you receive comments, make it a priority to say hello to those watching and respond to their remarks. Your followers will appreciate you mentioning them on the feed and offering a follow-up.

Encourage Subscribing. As you end your live feed, remind your viewers to subscribe so they will get updates as to when you will be live again. Also, encourage your followers to leave suggestions (and take them) and questions (and answer them). This helps your video rank higher in the news feeds, and it gives you helpful information that you can use as you continue to fine-tune your Facebook Live Video streaming.

Capture your followers' attention with Facebook Live Video and these tips. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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