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Getting more out of your Facebook page: Using the call to action button

Your Facebook page is a great marketing resource. In it, you can maintain communication with your audience, share relevant industry content, and even get new customers.

A great addition to your Facebook page is the Call to Action (CTA) button. A CTA is simply a short phrase that leads your audience to a non-Facebook page. This can be your website’s homepage, your contact page, or even a specific landing page for a promotion.

So what are Facebook’s CTA button options and how can you use each one?

  • Book Now – Use this button for customers to book a specific service. This button can point to your services page or a specific service landing page with a fill-out form.

  • Contact Us – Use this button if you want your customers to contact you for more information. It should point to your contact us page, making it easy for customers to get in touch.

  • Use App – This is a great button if you have an app, to connect users directly to your app.

  • Play Game – Same as with the app button, if you have a game that your customers can play with, use this button.

  • Shop Now – This is a great button, but it should only lead to a page where you display all your products, making the purchase easy for your customers.

  • Sign Up – If you have a special offer or event, use this button to collect registrations.

  • Watch Video – Often underutilized, this button is a great way to promote that awesome corporate or how-to video you produced. The button should connect to the page that hosts the video, and if possible, the video should be on auto-play.

Before using your Facebook’s CTA button, think about what your biggest goal is and choose the button accordingly. You’ll be surprised at the additional traffic you can gain just by using this simple button.

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