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Learn how to become the leader in your industry using social media.

Learn how to become the leader in your industry using social media

Social media is a powerful tool for establishing your expertise as a leader. Just ask Donald Trump who said that social media helped him win the Presidency. Regardless of your political position, he did use these social tools to broadcast his particular form of media throughout the race. But how? And why?

There are a few simple tactics that every person looking to establish their brand as a leader need to think about when using social media of any type. Let's keep things simple.

First, you need to know who you are communicating with. So, if you are selling micro brew beer, you probably want to ensure that you're connecting with an audience of people aged 21+. It's important that you have a tribe of people who are interested in your messages. Network with the people you want to serve!

Once you have followers you're going to want to keep them engaged constantly. That involves a bit of work, but it does not have to be complicated. Make sure you play to your own strengths. What is different about your micro brew beer, for instance? Why should someone try it for the first time? Why do people love and champion it? Those are questions you can answer with neatly crafted content. You can occasionally talk about your story as a business as well, for instance mentors or brands who helped you get started. Make it about the WHY. Even if sometimes that's controversial. That old adage is still relevant: all press is good press.

If you are truly a leader in your industry (or hope to be one day), you are always learning and changing. Your followers will expect that you stay involved with them and take pride in your role as an engaged brand or leader, and social media and search ranking algorithms will treat you with higher regard if you are working hard at your job. Again, no rocket science here! Be yourself, but LEARN ALL THE TIME, and STAY CURRENT!

How to become the leader in your industry using social media?

If you start to think about the tactics we've just talked about, you're well on your way.

We always want to talk, so contact us whenever for more advice.

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