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2017 Marketing Trends: Building a Personal Brand

2017 Marketing Trends: Building a Personal Brand

It's a new year; a great time to reflect upon where your company is and where you want it. Now is the time to seize opportunities and elevate your business to new heights. Begin by following the hottest of 2017 marketing trends and build a personal brand that makes your name a go-to in your industry and community.

How? Check out the following 5 ways to build a personal brand that elevates your company:

  1. Build a Relationship with Fellow Influencers. No one finds success alone. To build your brand up, you need positive associations with like-minded strong individuals and companies. Find influencers in your industry and build a relationship to benefit the both of you.

  2. Build Content Around Them and Other Influencers. Build your brand like you build a community. Do interviews, sponsor online seminars, co-author client, and create other opportunities to promote positive associations and attract new clients.

  3. Get Obsessed with One Marketing Channel. To become the best, you need to get obsessed. Instead of spreading yourself thin across a variety of channels, focus on one and use it consistently and constantly. Doubtful? Whether you love or hate him, Donald Trump's use of Twitter as his primary platform draws the crowds.

  4. Know Your Story. Most marketers don't know what type of content is effective. Take some time out to understand what your story is and how you want your brand received by others. Then focus on working in storytelling elements to really connect with users and create personal connections with your audience.

  5. Be Personal with Content Promotion. Identify the niche audience you want to follow you. Take a few of your ideal followers and clients and learn about their interests via social and shared content. Then delight them by going out finding content and creating content you know they'd appreciate.

Remember, to build a personal brand you need to get personal. Follow these five key tips and you'll be well on your way to enjoying better, stronger relationships both with fellow influencers and your audience. Contact us to learn more and for help in getting started.

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