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Getting Married? Have Social Media at Your Wedding

Getting Married? Have Social Media at Your Wedding

With social media dominating everyone's lives, it's not surprising to also have social media at your wedding. Photographers and videographers aren't the only ones capturing memories. Anyone at the ceremony and reception can capture timeless moments and put them on social media. With Snapchat and Facebook Live, it's now possible to stream video in real-time, giving those who can't come to the wedding a chance to witness it.

Having live social media at weddings isn't for everyone. Maybe you would rather savor the special day with just those closest to you. But, if this is something that interests you, here are the benefits to live social media at weddings.

  • Being able to update in real-time: Social media's purpose is to give people up-to-the-minute information about what's going on in yours' and others' lives. The same goes for weddings. Providing continuous Facebook status updates or live tweeting about the ceremony and/or reception is something the wedding party and guests can look back on and remember, as well as give those not there an eyewitness account.

  • Hashtag your special day: It's common now to have a hashtag related to your wedding, as well as include it in any wedding posts. While it's not something that will trend, it's a nice touch. Attending and unattending guests can search the hashtag on Twitter and find everything they need to know about the wedding day in one place.

  • There's no need to wait months for wedding pictures: While weddings should still take advantage of a professional photographer, with social media there's no need to wait for wedding pictures to surface. Anyone can curate them, and put them into one place for everyone to look at right away.

  • Being able to tell a first-person story with your posts: At its core, social media is all about playing out the story of your life, from your point of view. Live social media at weddings gives your guests from all over a first person POV of events.

  • Create a wedding Snapchat filter: Snapchat is on the rise in the social media world. Not only does it provide snippets of one's life or events, they also have some dang cute filters you can add to them. According to the blog This Fairytale Life, Snapchat now allows "anyone to design, create, and upload their own [filters]... starting at around $5.00." It adds another special touch to your guests' wedding-related Snapchats and reminds their followers of the wedding.

Contact us for more information about having social media at your wedding.

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