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How to Make Your Email Stand Out From the Rest: 6 Methods to Get It Read

Your business communications to potential clients and other professionals must reach their intended recipients. Today, much of the information you need to impart will likely be in a digital format rather than print, on the phone or in person. Unfortunately, you will have a ton of competition when trying to reach your intended parties through electronic mailings. Learn how to make your email stand out from the rest.

These six strategies can guarantee your mail gets read:

  1. Make it clear with the "from" line who you are so the recipient knows your mailing is not spam. Create an email address that clearly identifies you by your name or by the name of your company.

  2. Create a provocative subject line that "hooks" your reader. People tend to skim over subject lines to weed out unwanted mailings and spam. They will also skip around in their inbox in order to open the most compelling emails first. You want priority status so take time to craft the subject well.

  3. Make the email as concise as possible in respect to the reader's time and interest. Get to the purpose of your communication quickly. Clean your text up so it is free of typos and fluff.

  4. Encourage the reader to respond to the email by giving him clear direction. For example, ask him to visit your website and provide a link or instruct him to write back to learn more about a new opportunity.

  5. Send your emails during "off" times such as late nights or early mornings. You can also transmit them over weekends. These are periods in which the reader is likely to have a less cluttered inbox so your email is not overlooked.

  6. Make your emails easy to access and read on mobile devices as so many people use cell phones for business communications. Make the font a little larger than the default setting, center any links you use and employ a single columned template.

Contact us for more tips on communicating with long-standing and potential clients.

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