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4 Ways to Implement Social Media Into Your Wedding

Love is in the Air: 4 Ways to Implement Social Media Into Your Wedding

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. If you are getting ready to make your valentine your lifetime-love, you are probably busy thinking about special ways that you can make your wedding day memorable and unique. Social media is helping couples to not only add that extra something to their nuptials, but also to capture the moments that they never want to forget.

Say "I do" to these 4 ways to welcome social media as a guest at your wedding...

1. Create a special hashtag.

Creating a hashtag for your nuptials makes it easy for people to find posts pertaining to your wedding... but that's not the main reason you'll want to use one. With a hashtag, you will have more people uploading memories, moments and behind the scenes photos to their own accounts. This allows you to get photos you didn't even know were out there, capturing little moments you might be too busy to be around for.

2. Go Live!

Live feeds are a big trend in marketing this year, but they are also trending in the wedding industry. Airing a live feed of your day means that your guests from all around the world can be there with you... even if just in spirit. If you have family who cannot afford to fly out, friends who cannot get away from work or online friends who wish they could make it, you'll have them covered. It is a great way to make everyone feel included.

3. Create Snapchat Filters for the Wedding weekend

Create a couple different snapchat filters for photos taken at your wedding and the events leading up to your special day. This can be fun and inexpensive. It's basically a photo-booth in your pocket and can accompany you whereever you have each event: bridal shower, bachelor party, and wedding day. You can have multiple designs so guests can take photos with your special frame on your special day, pick their favorite and send to you and post to their own social media. Don't forget to download those 'snaps' for later!

4. Let friends help.

Request that friends try to snap photos of you and your hubby when you aren't expecting it... or assign them a special person to shadow. Ask them to upload the best, funniest or most candid to their social media and use your hashtag. During the honeymoon or after, you'll have something to look forward to post-wedding as you share a glass of wine and a night of scrolling pictures from your day.

As you get ready to celebrate the day that your valentine becomes your husband or wife, let social media be one of the many guests who help to make your wedding day so much more special. If you need help, we're here for you.

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