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5 Best Practices for Instagram Marketing

5 Best Practices for Instagram Marketing

“With 80 million photos and 3.5 billion likes generated daily on the platform, brands are eager for a slice of the social commerce pie,” this bitly article lauds. And it’s right. Instagram reaches millenials—the largest generation to date—more than any other social platform. In fact, they’re 120x more likely compared to Twitter to promote engagement with the user.

Instagram ads are native, meaning they blend in with the feed, making the user’s experience both fluid and sophisticated. According to Instagram, the “ads appear in a bold, linear format at the center of visual inspiration.” Businesses can promote their content, offer a service, or share a message through several different ad options without interrupting the photo-sharing scroll.

But keep in mind: you’re telling the story of your company. “Color, clear imagery, and subtle language are more effective than blunt, direct calls-to action.” Here are some best practices to remember when advertising with Instagram:

1. Brand authenticity is important. Communicate and engage with your customers honestly, and avoid inconsistencies between your brand image and reality.

2. Don’t use Facebook marketing strategies for Instagram ads. While many people interact on both platforms, both social media networks tend to cater to different demographics.

3. Avoid using text on your photos. The most successful photos are those that make appropriate use of the caption area.

4. Use relevant hashtags. Unlike Twitter, the more hashtags the better. Eleven hashtags offers the most effective visibility.

5. Lifestyle photos are the most popular. Use images where people can see themselves doing the action, having the object, being in the location, or learning the secret.

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