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The Changing Tides Of Instagram

The Changing Tides Of Instagram

instagram for business

What was once the haven for pictures, Instagram has become multimedia with the option to create your own stories and live stream video. If your business is in need of another platform to market on, why not give Instagram a try? Here are some ways you could use these new features to gain an audience's attention, and get them to come back over and over.

  • Instagram Stories and Businesses:

Instagram Stories work in the same way as Snapchat Stories. According to the Instagram for Business blog, "as you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story." The stories disappear after a day, much like Snapchat, and there are tools available that let you draw and add text to posts.

Marketing itself is all about storytelling, so use Instagram Stories to tell your brand's story. Use relevant images and video to show your audience how you became the business you are today. Show them what a typical day at work is like. Maybe even take a picture or video of something funny that's going on that day. The rule of Instagram Stories is to have fun.

  • Instagram Live and Businesses:

Just as with Facebook Live, Instagram allows you to live stream video. According to Instagram's Help Page, whenever you want to go live, just hit the camera button on the top left of your screen. You can also "swipe right from anywhere in [your] Feed." Hit the button that says "Live" at the bottom of your screen and then hit "Start Live Video." While you're streaming, you'll see who's watching at the top of the screen and see comments from those watching at the bottom.

Instagram Live is a good feature to use if your business has something huge going on, maybe an event. Streaming a special occasion live for your audience makes them feel like they're there with you. Or, maybe you have nothing huge going on. Maybe you just want to present a how-to or give people a tour of your office. Those things work, too.

With today's political world, Instagram is a place to get away from walls of text-rants and give people something fun to get lost in. In return, your business gains new marketing skills and advertising. For more information about how Instagram is changing and could benefit your business, please contact us.

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