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How Can You Use Social Media Marketing To Reach Millennials?

How Can You Use Social Media Marketing To Reach Millennials?

Millennials are a new breed. What influences them is far beyond a good product. Millennials identify with brands on an emotionally level, more so than any other generation. Marketing to their generation takes a little more effort and understanding. Here are some things to keep in mind when marketing to millennials on social media!

  • Millennials are more likely to spend pay higher prices on brands that they believe in.

This is where your company's culture and branding comes in. Your brand needs to have a positive culture and image in order to really have millennials become loyal to your company. Show your company's culture on your social media. Show the values you believe in.

  • Millennials follow brands that are entertaining.

How can you be entertaining you ask? Well, check out Wendy's Twitter page for an example. Their tweets are funny and people now tweet about them specifically just to get a funny response from Wendy's. There are many other ways to accomplish this, however. You can post inspirational quotes, funny videos and more. It is unlikely that you will be like Wendy's, but you can still find your own way to have entertaining posts.

  • Millennials value ideas that help them solve their daily problems.

This generation is looking to make their lives easier so they can get more done. Millennials value a healthy work/life balance. Post inspirational articles on how they can achieve that balance. Recommend products or ideas that can make their lives easier. Ted Talks have been widely successful in this arena. Their videos are often inspirational for people trying to follow their dreams and lead happier lives.

  • Millennials respond better with brands that respond quickly on social media.

Millennials are more likely to stick with a brand that responds quickly to posts and tweets. If potential customers are ignored by a brand they are more likely to stop following them on social media. This is a hard act to follow. This requires someone to actively monitor a company's social media accounts all day, in order to respond to ever person promptly. Obviously, if your company isn't as popular, this won't take a lot of effort at first. It can still be hard to have someone constantly checking your page. The main purpose is to reply to the person before they put their phone down or turn off their computer. In turn, if you do that, other people will notice that you reply quickly to people through social media and it increases your chance of a loyal following. If you can deliver on this, it could have huge returns.

Marketing to millennials means creating fans. You want your brand to be attentive to them and to stand for something they believe in. Millennials are definitely making companies work harder to get their votes, but having loyal customers for the next 60 years can pay off.

If you're interested in learning more about social media marketing, contact us today.

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