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How to Get Your Fans to Share Your Content

How to Get Your Fans to Share Your Content

When it comes to online marketing, having fans spread the word means a lot. You can post great content consistently, but if no one sees it, it counts for nothing. So the big question in today's world is how to get your followers to share your content.


Today's online crowd loves to feel heard. Companies have gone viral for their witty remarks on social media or other platforms. When comments disappear into the void, people don't feel that they're worth posting. However, when you respond to interactions, your fans feel heard, and it makes them want to interact even more.

Be Relevant

Hire social media staff who know what the latest trends are in social media. Make sure they know about things like memes, gifs, etc., and how they can use them to promote your company. Even the most professional of businesses can use some humor now and then, and those are usually the ones who get the most attention for it anyway! (Sidenote, we keep up with the latest trends and can help you here!)


Let's face it - people love free stuff. More times than not, it's worth a 10% off code or even a freebie here and there to get the word out about your company. Consider this, if 100 people with 100 followers each enter a contest on your social media which requires them to share your post to be eligible, you now have 100x the visibility at the cost of one free product. This payoff can't be ignored.

Between interacting with your commenters, staying relevant, and utilizing giveaways, there are plenty of opportunities to get your fans talking about you. If you need models for your next content production, be sure to contact us.

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