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Influencer Marketing vs. Online Media Marketing: Which Does Your Business Need?

Influencer Marketing vs. Online Media Marketing: Which Does Your Business Need?

Both influencer marketing and online media marketing are effective ways to generate leads and create brand engagement. Whether they'll be effective for your business, however, depends on your particular situation. In this blog, we'll explain when you'd be better off with influencer marketing and when you should practice online media marketing instead:

Influencer marketing -- for big iconic names and big brands

The simplest check as to whether influencer marketing is right for you is to consider how big and iconic your brand is. The higher it scores, the more effective the practice will be for you.

Just look at how many social signals this Instagram post from Kylie Jenner got. Because Fashion Nova is a well-known brand, influencer marketing worked exceedingly well for them. It also helps that they got one of the biggest celebrities to represent their product.

Online media marketing -- for targeting specific demographics

While influencer marketing is good for iconic brands, online media marketing is better if your goal is to target specific demographics.

There are lots of online tools to help you segment your audience. This Entrepreneur article, for example, explains how you can use remarketing strategies to get more insight into your users and thus, higher conversion rates:

"Re-marketing is a neat strategy for users of Facebook (and consequently Instagram) and Twitter. It is not enough to just set up an ad and walk away, hoping for optimal conversion. Instead, Facebook and Twitter remarketing is a way to increase the probability of higher conversion rates, by targeting only those people who have visited your site and thus shown interest in your offering."

You can find out a lot about your users by looking at social media data. With this, you can really hone in on your target audience in your marketing efforts.

To talk more about influencer marketing, online media marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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