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4 Marketing Tips for Streaming Live Videos on Facebook

4 Marketing Tips for Streaming Live Videos on Facebook

Facebook Live is a powerful marketing tool every business should be using. It allows you to connect with your audience on a greater level, thus increasing brand favorability. Here are a few tips for broadcasting great videos on Facebook.

Promote Your Broadcast

When you go live, your network will get a notification and it will show up in their newsfeed. However, you should promote your broadcast beforehand in order to get more views. Send out emails to your list with a link to the video, and promote it on your other channels such as Twitter and Instagram.

Write the Right Description

Craft the description of your broadcast carefully. Your live video’s description will determine whether people will be interested enough to watch or just continue scrolling down their news feed. Keep in mind that you can edit the video’s description during your broadcast.

Engage With Your Audience

Facebook Live is so powerful because it allows you to engage with your audience on a personal level. When they ask questions or type in comments, reply to them. Ask them to answer your own questions in the comments area. Be professional but personal. Ask them to like and share your video.


You can certainly practice doing a live broadcast on Facebook to make sure the video and audio are working properly. When doing your broadcast, click on the privacy drop-down menu settings. Make sure to choose “Only Me” -- nobody else will see the video except yourself.

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