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Writing a Persuasive Email - How to Make Your Email Stand out From the Rest

Writing a Persuasive Email - How to Make Your Email Stand out From the Rest

Writing a persuasive or marketing email is a bit different from writing a regular email. Persuasive emails are written to steer the reader into a specific action you would like them to take rather than simply sharing some information. So how can one write an email that "sells" without seeming too pushy? Here are some tips to help you write an effective email that will stand out from the rest of the sales crowd -- from the mundane all the way to those employing spammy sales tactics.

Imbue the Personality of Your Business

Visualize how you would present the information in your email face-to-face. Every company representative carries the persona of their organization. Whether your company's persona is formal, casual or artistic, your emails should carry your organization's personality as well.

Ensure the Subject Line is in Line With Email Content

The reader should know what your email content is about from reading the subject line. Bait and switch tactics are not authentic and leave a poor impression.

Coax Them With Your Preheader Text

Preheader text is another opportunity to present helpful and interesting information to the reader. Use it.

Keep Your Content Concise and Clear

Emails with a clear focus and a call to a single action are usually the most successful. An email is like a knock on a door or the ring of a telephone. You are simply trying to get their attention and take an action. If successful, the next step is to expand further with additional interaction.

Remove Distractions

Remember to keep it simple. The point of a persuasive email is to entice the reader to take action. If there is content that does not support this focus, then remove it.

Your Plan Should Include More Than One Email

In an ideal world, all it would take is one email to invoke a response from a reader. In reality, most people get quite a few emails. Your email, even if it is amazing, can get lost in the midst of all the others. Plan on sending at least 3 emails -- an announcement email, a reminder email and a last call.

To summarize, the most successful emails have 3 specific qualities -- authentic tone, a clear focus, and genuinely helpful information. Want to know more about how to have a successful email campaign? Contact us!

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