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Snapchat Marketing - How to Keep Your Business' Story Interesting

Snapchat Marketing - How to Keep Your Business' Story Interesting

It's no secret that Snapchat, the rapidly evolving app that brought us the dog filter, is a vital social media marketing tool. With so much content available at everyone's finger tips, it's important to make sure your story stands out from the rest.

How to Keep Your Business' Story Interesting

  • Stay topical. Picking a focus for your story increases readability, efficiency, and helps target demographics accordingly; versus an unorganized story, which often feels unprofessional, confusing, and perhaps forgettable.

  • Don't overwhelm viewers with too much content. While posting consistently is highly encouraged, refrain from oversharing or "spam-posting".

  • Step outside your comfort zone. Keeping your target audience and brand's identity in mind are a must, but certainly don't shy away from posting content that could attract a variety of viewers.

  • Keep stories relevant. Referencing news or pop culture can seem intimidating and controversial, however it doesn't have to. Slipping in a meme can add a very personable and relatable feel that viewers appreciate.

  • Show off any sales, promotions, specials, or events. Snap stories are a great way to spread information and raise awareness - why not take advantage of it? Always mention what your company has to offer at some point in your snap story.

  • Pick advertisements related to your business. If you have advertisements in your story, make sure they correlate with your company, content, and key demographic.

It's no secret that Snapchat is a vital social media marketing tool for all companies, and that an interesting story is crucial in expanding your reach with the app. For more of the latest social media marketing tips, check out our blog.

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