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Email Marketing: What We Can Learn from Presidential Candidates and Their Email Campaigns

Email Marketing: What We Can Learn from Presidential Candidates and Their Email Campaigns

Presidential candidates run some of the best email marketing campaigns we've ever seen. They're able to convert their engaged subscribers into participating members of their political campaign. In this blog, we'll take a look at why they're so successful and what we can learn from them.

Define a goal

First off, political email campaigns have multiple goals. Sometimes they're asking for donations, sometimes they're reminding subscribers to vote, and sometimes they're just advertising their social media sites. The important thing is that they choose a single goal as their focus.

Focus on the user experience

The real important factor here is the excellent user experience associated with these campaigns. As mentioned in this Forbes article, a quality UX gets subscribers to fill out forms and click CTAs:

"Presidential candidates have done a great job of getting voters to perform whatever action they’re after, whether it be signing up for a mailing list, going to vote or even donating. This is largely because they’re able to streamline their call to action into an easy signup flow. It may sound silly, but quality UX is going to help reduce empty submission fields tenfold."

This is why the design of your email is so important. You need to make conversion as easy as possible so no one gets lost in the process. Make your CTA apparent and accessible.

Perfect your campaign

Finally, effective political email marketing campaigns don't come out of nowhere. They're the result of meticulous planning and extensive testing.

Once you start running your campaign, it's important to keep evaluating it. Look at email marketing analytics, prepare performance results, and run empirical tests that involve real people. Political campaigns use A/B tests not just for their marketing emails, but for their speeches, social media posts, and advertisements as well.

To talk more about email marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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